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Whether you have tile flooring, a tile shower, or tile countertops, mopping and wiping down your surfaces with a sponge can only go so far. Over time, contaminants, grime, and dirt build up in the pores of your grout and on the surface of your tile. As a result, they'll start to look dull and discolored.

7 Pillars Carpet Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning offers powerful tile and grout cleaning that thoroughly cleans below the surface , resulting in a fresh and clean look.
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Why Do I Need My Grout and Tile Deep Cleaned?

If you've spent any amount of time trying to clean your tile and grout, you know these surfaces are notoriously difficult to clean. Store bought cleaners rarely do the trick, and it can seem impossible to get them looking like new again.

As contaminants and dirt build-up, your grout darkens and your tile becomes duller. Dirt, grime and mildew get ground into these porous surfaces over time and settle into places that are impossible for you to reach.

Our specialized tile and grout cleaning equipment can safely and effectively clean the hard to reach spaces in your showers, countertops and floors in a fast, affordable way.

Our Grout and Tile Cleaning Process

High-Powered Equipment

First, we'll clean your grout and tile with high pressure steam. We'll also utilize a vacuum system coupled with a cleaning solution that won't leave any residue behind. Our cleaning process effectively removes contaminants and stains, and is the first step to restoring your tile to its original beauty.

Our methods and solutions can effectively remove all the built-up grime on your tile and grout in a safe way that doesn't cause any damage.

Grout Sealing

After we thoroughly clean your tile and grout, we can apply a clear sealant. Our sealant provides a long-lasting barrier between dirt and your grout to keep it looking clean longer and increasing its lifespan. Additionally, it will make the grout 100% non-porous. This means that any dirt or stains that land on the surface of the grout won’t be able to absorb into its pores.

When we clean grout that's colored, we use a pH-neutral floor cleaner that doesn't deteriorate the sealer's integrity.

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