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Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Louisville

Over time, your hardwood flooring can begin to show signs of wear and tear.

To bring back the like-new shine to your hardwood flooring, trust 7 Pillars for hardwood waxing and cleaning. Our experienced professionals will have your wood floors looking like new in no time at all.
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Full-Service Hardwood Cleaning and Waxing

Our hardwood floor cleaning technicians undergo extensive training on proper techniques to clean and wax hardwood floors. Our process will leave your flooring as clean and shiny as it was the first day it was installed.

Even the most meticulous cleaning may still not get all the dirt and grime that's in your flooring. With hardwood flooring, deep dirt extraction is needed. Dirt, dust, and debris tend to settle into the crevices and cracks. Mopping and sweeping are vital in reducing the likelihood of debris scratching your floors, but periodic professional hardwood floor cleaning is essential to pulling up the dirt you can't reach.

In-Depth Inspection

Before we get started on cleaning your floors, our hardwood flooring technicians will do an inspection. They'll determine the material of your floor which enables them to identify the best way to clean it.

We clean the following types of flooring:

Solid wood
Engineered wood
Laminate flooring
Vinyl plank flooring
And more!

We’ll also evaluate if there's any pre existing damage and determine which cleaning solution will be best for your flooring.

Gentle Cleaning Equipment

The team at 7 Pillars uses pH-balanced hardwood floor cleaning solutions and a gentle buffer to reach tough contaminants and dirt. Our equipment traps the dirt and debris and then a powerful vacuum sucks it up.

After the floors have been deep cleaned, we'll dry them with a fan and microfiber cloth. In addition to drying your floors, the cloth will also capture any remaining debris and particles.

Floor Waxing

Once we've thoroughly cleaned and dried your floors, we'll apply a high quality wax top-coat. Your floors will be residue-free and spotless with no sanding required. This final step gives your floors a beautiful protective finish.

Extend the life of your floors and protect your investment by allowing 7 Pillars to care for your hardwood and other solid surface floors.

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7 Pillars has served the greater Louisville area and surrounding counties since 1981. We're a family-owned and operated company, taking great pride in the services we offer our customers.

You're guaranteed to be 100% satisfied with your hardwood floor cleaning. No matter your need, our team of professional floor cleaners will work with you to develop a solution to make your hardwood floors appear brand new.
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