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Professional Carpet Stretching and Repair Services

If your carpet has bulges, ripples, wrinkles, loose areas or even tears don't start pricing out the cost to have new flooring installed. Our professionals at 7 Pillars Carpet, Upholstery & Air Duct Cleaning will help you with carpet repair and stretching service.

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Top-Rated Carpet Repair and Stretching

Loose, wrinkled, or damaged carpet can pose a safety hazard, plus it just looks unpleasant. Carpet is supposed to lay tight and flat. If it's loose, it'll move as people walk on it, resulting in the integrity of your carpet breaking down all over the room.

Our technicians at 7 Pillars are experienced in stretching out wrinkled carpet, ensuring it lays flat and wrinkle free. Don't continue to walk on a carpet that isn't functioning how it's supposed to. Contact our office today to learn how we can help fix your flooring.

Why is My Carpet Loose and How Can You Help?

Loose or wrinkled carpets can happen for a variety of reasons. One of the main causes is improperly installed carpets, as it might not have been installed and power stretched properly. This results in it not being tight enough and as it starts to expand, it'll cause bubbles, ripples, or waves. A lot of times, these signs show up after the carpet gets steam cleaned. The excess moisture causes the carpet to expand.

If your carpet is starting to do this, all is not lost. We can provide you with carpet stretching services that will remedy the issues caused by improper installation.

Expert Carpet Stretching Solutions

Our technicians utilize a professional power stretcher to stretch out your carpet. It puts tension in up to eight different areas on the carpet. While the carpet is under tension, it's reattached to its tack strip. Then, it's trimmed and tucked along the room's perimeter. In no time at all, your carpet is back to looking how it did before it started to buckle and wrinkle.

Carpet Repair Services

We love our furry friends, but pet-damaged carpet is one of the most common carpet repairs needed. Animals can dig at the carpet in doorways, shred it, tear it or even pull it up in chunks. Whatever the problem is, we can fix the damaged areas.

Frayed carpet is another common repair. To fix this issue, we'll apply a latex sealer at the point where your carpet meets other floorings. That latex will seal the carpet's raw edge and keep it down. It's a simple repair that will put a stop to continuing damage to your carpet.

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We've been serving customers in the Louisville area since 1981. Let the expert flooring technicians at 7 Pillars handle all your carpet stretching and/or repair needs. Whatever the issue is, we have the skills and expertise to remedy it.

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