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Improve the Air Quality in Your Home With Professional Air Duct Cleaning

The indoor air quality of your home plays a vital role in your family’s health. If you have air ducts that are filled with allergens, dirt, and debris, everyone in your home is breathing in those toxins.

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Full-Service Air Duct Cleaning

7 Pillars offers three different levels of air duct cleaning services to fit your specific needs. Give our office a call to learn more about which level will be best for your home.

Level 1

High Power Suction

With Level I, our air duct cleaning technicians will use a high-powered suction vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your air ducts of all contaminants from your HVAC duct system. Loose materials are pulled into our truck and removed completely from your home. Our level 1 process can remove approximately 80% of all contaminants from your HVAC duct system.

Level 2

High Power Suction With Compressed Air Cleaning

Level II includes the same high-power suction process as the first level but adds in compressed air cleaning. We use high-powered tools to dislodge and agitate dirt and debris that are stuck inside of your air ducts. Our level 2 process can remove approximately 90% of all contaminants from your HVAC duct system.

Level 3

High Power Suction With Compressed Air and Rotary Brush Cleaning

Level III adds rotary brush cleaning to your air duct cleaning service. The rotary brush delivers additional cleaning to your air ducts by gently scrubbing the sides and getting out additional debris that the previous two levels can't remove. Our level 3 process can remove approximately 99% of all contaminants from your HVAC duct system.

Disinfecting Fogger Mist

Our powerful, disinfecting fogger treatment is dispersed throughout the entire duct system, eliminating molds, germs, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms on every surface the fog touches. This treatment can be included with any duct cleaning job and is 100% safe for your family.

Benefits of Clean Air For Your Family

Having clean air for you and your family can provide you with countless benefits.

Remove dust particles, harmful bacteria, dander, dust mites, lint, and pollen from your air ducts
Improve the efficiency of your dryer and HVAC system, which can result in a lowered energy bill
Reduce the symptoms of allergies, headaches, asthma, and additional respiratory conditions
Promote healthier and cleaner air so everyone can breathe easier

Negative Effects of Having Uncleaned Air Ducts

Dirty air ducts are known to cause or contribute the following negative effects:

Respiratory infection development
Worsened asthma or allergy attacks at home
Sinus infections
Itchy or dry skin

Not staying on top of cleaning your air ducts can only have negative effects. Call our office today to schedule your cleaning!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Much like air ducts, your dryer vent can build up with debris and lent over time. This build up results in nearly 17,000 house fires in the US each year.

We use powerful equipment and industry leading cleaning processes to ensure clean, clear dryer vents. By investing in regular dryer vent cleaning, you can help minimize your risk for fire and ensure your family's safety. Aside from the reduced risk of fire, keeping your dryer vent clean can result in:

Better dryer efficiency
Reduced energy costs
Faster drying times
Reduced wear and tear on your dryer
Reduced risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

We recommend that the average family have their dryer vent professional cleaned at least once per year, or more frequently for families with an above average sized household.

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